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Asked on August 24, 2016 in Customization.

I appreciate the power, benefit and time saved with the added features of Layers Pro, but right now can’t afford or justify the cost for a small personal project. I still want to make use of Layers though.  I have a small selection of some customizations I would like to make that are not allowed by default in the standard Layers installation, but are in Pro. An example of one would be resizing the logo. I don’t mind playing with the CSS and I don’t mind, to a point, spending some extra time to achieve the desired result. Before I do invest some time in this site, could similar results as using Pro be achieved by creating a child theme and editing CSS?

garethstorer Layers User
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    Answered on August 29, 2016.

    Basically you can change everything on a default Layers-Theme – just like LayersPro does. Most of the time it’s just adding some CSS, but you could use add_filters to modify basic behaviour as well.

    You’re right! He can change everything on a default Layers-Theme! For example, when I want to change something, I always visit this site to choose a new casino. I really like it, because I can always find what I need there.

    on June 24, 2020.

    Customizing something with having professional help is always difficult, and I salute the people who do this review work all by themselves. It requires a lot of effort, and self-believe, and that’s hard to find these days.

    on June 25, 2020.

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