Custom fields duplicating in footer

Asked on February 4, 2017 in Troubleshooting.


Using the PODS plugin, Ive extended the default wordpress Posts and added a few custom fields like:

country of origin

When users view a post, these custom fields also reflect in the page footer.
eg link:

I asked the author the plugin to assist me, following are his replies:


-> If you’re using the Auto Templates functionality, it works against the_content filter on your page output. If your widget is also using the_content, that will cause it to duplicate in the footer widget.
-> You’d need to look at your Footer Widgets and make sure none of them are pulling full ‘post_content’ or ‘the_content’ as part of their individual Widget content. If your footer is hard-coded, then you’d need to look at your theme which means you’re going to have to look at the code a little bit.

I dont know how to code, so could you plz help me out.


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