Creating buttons / links to App Store / Google Play store

Asked on May 8, 2017 in How To.

Total newbie here.

Trying to create the buttons needed to link to both the App Store and Google Play store. I  can’t understand how I can customize the buttons to include the correct design and position them one above the other.

Looked in Call to Action widget but don’t think that can be customized sufficiently. So should it be done in Slider? How to include the customized size and look of the app store buttons?

I’ve got Layers Pro 2 and the Play child theme that I thought would have a widget for linking to Google Play and App Store.

Link shows my other app on the contact page (short page so not far to scroll down) and what I want to achieve for my new app website :

Really appreciate any assistance. Thanks!

gigi.duncan1 Layers User
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