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Asked on June 3, 2016 in Customization.

Hello, I’m trying to change the grey top border in the copyright section in the CSS

.grid + .copyright{

padding-top: 20px;

border-top: 1px dotted black;


And it does not work, could anyone help? Layers User
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    Answered on June 8, 2016.

    Hi there,
    the original style is using RGBA so you need to also if you want to avoid the !important flag.

    .grid + .copyright {
    border-top: 2px solid rgba(0, 0, 0, 1);

    The last number in the rgba array is the opacity. We set it to .25 so the line shows up as a darker version of whatever the footer color is. To set it to a solid color, you must set the opacity to 1.