Contact form wont register to save

Asked on February 2, 2017 in General Questions.

Hi! I am having trouble with the contact form. I have set it all up and copied the short code into the widget area I want it to appear. Ive done this on all my other layers websites and its worked fine. When I insert the short code it wont refresh the page to show the form and it gives no option of saving the page. I have tried multiple different forms now aswell all taken from the supported widget section of layers.

The form is the only thing not letting me save the page, all other changes are regestering and saving.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled layers and layers pro. WordPress is updated to the most recent version. I deleted all of my other plugins one by one and nothing is working.

Please advise what else I can try.

Thank you.

shugadesigns Layers User
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