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Asked on August 20, 2017 in Troubleshooting.

I’m not certain if this a bug or just an error in my own install. I’m using the free version of Layers, and I spent a long time getting my home page exactly right via the front-end customizer. (The changes weren’t complex, but I was trying out options, etc., to learn more about the page builder.)

I clicked Save and Publish as normal. There were no error messages.

When I clicked the X to see the page completely, all of my changes were lost. It was exactly how I started out when I edited it. They are not saved in the revisions either. They’re just *poof* gone!

I had added a couple lines of CSS too. The first set were saved, but the second set was not.

Beyond a lot of work being lost, I’m not very concerned about the reliability of Layers in general. I’ve developed WordPress sites since 2011, and I’m simply not used to seeing this happen. (I’m evaluating Layers as a site builder for clients, but they would rightly flip out if this happened — and I would if I lost that much work again.)

Thoughts, comments, suggestions?


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