Can’t change header background colour

Asked on February 18, 2016 in Troubleshooting.

I am using latest WP and latest Layers, along with Layers Pro.  It is my understanding that changing the header background SHOULD be as easy as selecting that option and then selecting a new colour.  I do that, but the header background still does not change from the default gray.  I have also tried saving the page to see if it was just not showing in customizer, but still the same results.  I am also unable to change the background colour for the main parts of the page or the footer.

drriley Layers User
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Answered on February 18, 2016.

Hi there,
I can confirm these options do work on an updated install of Layers with the current version of Layers Pro.  First, make sure you do not have both the sticky and transparent options clicked (if so, you won’t see the header background until you scroll) If you have a child theme active, please start by disabling it and activating the main Layers theme. If you are not using a child theme, check your plugins list for ColorKit and deactivate it. If no ColorKit, please try deactivating all plugins, then try again. If this works, there is a plugin that was overriding or breaking the customizer.
For further help with Layers Pro, please contact us through Layers Messenger under Layers > Dashboard as it may be days before we respond here.