Can you give Content columns a border?

Asked on January 5, 2016 in Customization.

Hi there,

I would like to give my content columns a border rather than a solid background; is this possible?

Thanks all for your time to read and answer 🙂

ashley.tew14 Layers User
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    Answered on January 6, 2016.

    Hi there,

    Column Borders are not an option in the core version of Layers. Layers Pro allows you to cusotmize borders on several elements, but I am not sure it will allow you to customize them in the Content Widget specifically. The good news is you can put a border on any element using CSS. Please see the following for the basics of how to do this: How to Customize Your Site With CSS

    In this tutorial is a link to a doc that talks about how to use the Advanced button on your design bar. There you can add a custom class like “content-border”.  Each column already has a simple class of “column” so you can combine your custom class with the column class to set the border on all columns in this widget, Example:

    .content-border .column{border: 3px solid #eee;}

    To learn more about the border property and what you can do with it, see the following:

    There are also other Layers extensions that add more options to your widgets, which I recommend checking out under your Marketplace tab. Advanced Grid Style is one that may be able to do this.