Can I Upgrade ColorKit to Layers Pro?

Asked on November 25, 2015 in General Questions.

Can I upgrade my ColorKit purchase to Layers Pro?


Can I get Layers Pro free if I bought a theme that bundled a free copy of ColorKit?

Vail Joy Layers Team
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    Answered on December 1, 2015. Best answer

    If you purchased ColorKit standalone via CodeCanyon, you will find Layers Pro in your CodeCanyon Dashboard with an updated license.
    If you purchased a Layers Child Theme that bundled ColorKit as a free bonus, you will not get Layers Pro automatically and must purchase it separately.

    We are also asked how ColorKit users can continue to access color cusotmization without buying Layers Pro – ColorKit is still supported in Layers and still works without issue. While we may add further features to Layers Pro, they are not features we would have added to ColorKit, so you are not missing out on updates.  Learn more about why we created Layers Pro on our Blog.

    Vail Joy Layers Team