All layer page content missing

Asked on August 31, 2015 in Troubleshooting.

Hi there

I logged into my website last night and noticed that all pages that run a layers page editor have disappeared.

well not completely, the footer and header widgets and options for the most part are all still there except maybe one widget that had images.

However all the widgets with all the content for all pages is completely missing, non existent and I am not sure what went wrong, I am aware that I am not the only one that works on the website as I have some people managing orders therefore I do not know if this is an issue from our side or not.

Please assist or direct me to somewhere I can please get a solution, I could not find a similar issue on your community threads.

The website I am referring to is

all layers pages, like contact us and about us are not working, all normal wordpress editor pages are working for example the shop pages.


stellarra Layers User
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Answered on September 1, 2015. Best answer

Hi there,

Always make backups!

Backup Content, Layouts & Widgets

We have found that page layouts are wiped if one of theseĀ things happens:

1. Layers is deleted from Appearance > Themes (even if you reinstall it)
2. You switch themes (switch back to Layers or the original child theme)
3. You switch to or from Acquire or another child theme that specifically purges settings on theme switch.

Vail Joy Layers Team