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Asked on October 12, 2015 in Customization.

I’d like to add expanding sections like you see on this website: (1/3 of the way down .. under Course Breakdown)

Does anyone know how to do this natively within Layers?
If not, has anyone used the Collapse-O-Matic Plugin?

Ariele Foster Layers User
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    Answered on October 14, 2015.

    Hi there,

    You cannot do this with Layers default, as there is no jQuery accordion script.  There are a few extensions that add this, such as Layers Accordion, Layers Plus, and Layers Essential Addons.  You may also find several free WordPress plugins that add accordion shortcodes that can be used inside a Content Widget, such as ShortCodes Ultimate.

    Thanks @vail Joy! I was trying to use Collapse-O-Matic, a shortcode plugin, but since I can’t edit in the html side, it was not turning out very neat and tidy. I’ll follow your suggestions!

    on November 2, 2015.