Enhancement: Core – Use any widget in any row column.

Asked on November 22, 2015 in Feature Requests.

I want to use a widget in column 6 and another one in other column 6.

Now, We could not use any widget in a row. E.g. If I use individual widget `map` or any other which does not have any `grid / column` option.

E.g If I want to use in content widget in left col-6
and in next col-6 widget contact-map or any other. Then now Its not possible.



mwaghmare7 Developer
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    Answered on November 23, 2015.

    Hi there,

    We have actually been down this road already and found it is just not very compatible with how the Customizer works. Perhaps as further enhancements are made to the Customizer to improve dom response and overall performance, we will take another look at “widget inception”. Currently there are a couple Extensions out there that already provide a widget area creator, so we are leaving it to them to expand on this functionality. I am leaving this open for overall discussion on ways to achieve this better from widgets or customizer controls in the customizer.

    Thanks for sharing your logic Mahesh, you’re awesome!

    Answered on November 22, 2015.

    I have a `Blueprint` for this fix and share it for reference. It’s complex, But just share the idea.

    How it will be possible?

    It has 2 sections these are `MODE: Widget Preview` and `MODE: Row Preview`. Each section open once at a time.

    # MODE: Widget Preview:

    – `MODE: Widget Preview` list of widgets which are used in `Magic Row` widget.
    – `Magic Row` is the widget, Which is used to create the no of row. Each row has option no of columns. & Each column has `Add widget` link.
    – When user click on `Add Widget` then, It’s show the available `Static Widgets List` which are used only in `Magic Row` widget.
    – Each static widget has a Unique ID and name (optional). This is showing in `Static Widgets List` section.
    – In `MODE: Widget Preview` – User just see the active widget preview.

    # `MODE: Row Preview`:

    – This is normal LayersWP edit page window. I just use `MODE: Row Preview` to understand the prototype.
    – Here the `Magic Row` widget is used. To add the static widgets.

    # Magic Row:

    It is just an Idea to create a widget which is mainly used to crate the rows.
    – Which will add any kind of LayersWP widget in any column.


    MODE: Widget Preview – With Static Widget List

    MODE: Row Preview – with Magic Row