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Layers 2.0.10 Update

Layers 2.0.10 Update

Removing the Envato Marketplace listings.

  • Fixed Image Ratio button in the Post widget
  • Removed redundant Envato Market listings


WooCommerce: How to Setup Products with Multiple Options (Variations)

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Variable products allow you to create a single product entry for multiple styles. This allows you to manage the product sales more easily. An example of a variable product is a t-shirt with a single design that comes in multiple colors and sizes.

For details on adding products in general, see How to Configure WooCommerce for Layers or view this detailed online WooCommerce course on Treehouse.


  1. Edit or Create a New Product
  2. Select Variable Product from the dropdown at the top of the Product Data panel
  3. Under Attributes, click on Add.
  4. Add a Name and Value(s) for each Attribute. The Name corresponds to the drop-down menu that will appear in the product page, and the Values are what can be selected in that menu.

    Note you can setup global variations under Products → Attributes to cut down on rework, which alow you to select them in the Product Attribute panel rather than enter them by hand.  Global attributes are appropriate when working with sizes, colors or types. Learn More about global attributes.

    The following example shows how two attributes look for a t-shirt with 3 colors and 4 sizes.


  5. Check Visible on the product page and Used for variations, and then click Save Attributes
  6. Under Variations, click Link All Variations, then click OK on the confirmation messages. You will now have one variation panel for each combination where you must enter a price and stock.
  7. To allow the image to change when a visitor selects one of your variation combos, click the thumbnail button in the variation and upload the variation image, or select it from your media library. This function only works if your product post is displaying the single featured image (not a slider, and not the product gallery thumbnail grid, where supported)


When finished, click Update/Publish.


Learn more about Product Variations on the WooCommerce website.

Bonus: Adding Special Options With Additional Costs To Products

Several plugins exist which add a checkbox for special options or allow you to build in additional options through a separate options area. Whether you use these depends on your shop needs and budget. Below are notes on a couple we have seen in practice:

Product Add-Ons

This is the official WooCommerce extension ($49) that provides a customization screen for adding options to products. This plugin is compatible with Layers and fully supported by Woo.

Get Product Add-Ons Now

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