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Layers 2.0.10 Update

Layers 2.0.10 Update

Removing the Envato Marketplace listings.

  • Fixed Image Ratio button in the Post widget
  • Removed redundant Envato Market listings


Layers Pages Are Blank, Customizer Settings Lost

Troubleshooting  Last Updated: Layers ver. 1.2.11 Time to Read: 3 minutes

If you just updated to Layers 2, see the Layers 2 Troubleshooting Guide

Problem Description:

After performing an action such as the following:

  • Updating
  • Switching Themes
  • Reinstalling Theme
  • Activating Child Theme
  • Deleting Layers, then reinstalling it

You notice your Layers pages are blank and some or all Customizer settings are reset.

If you are having a problem where clicking a page link in your site menus is loading the wrong page or a blank Layers page, but it looks fine when edited directly, please see the following for How to Verify Page Slugs and Delete Duplicates Safely


Jumping versions

If you just updated to a recent version of Layers from a version older than 1.2.0, having pages open in the Customizer while updating, or in a status other than Published can create a blank revision of your page that gets set as the current view.

Conflicting Scripts

If you just updated to Layers 2 from a version prior to 1.6.8 and have Layers Pro 2 installed, outdated plugins or child themes can cause conflicts that prevent your page from loading.

Wrong theme name or modified theme

Updating WordPress or an extension may trigger an event that purges the database tables holding this information, or changes the identifier by which they are referenced, leaving your site looking empty because the wrong tables are being looked at. Because WordPress stores some information for your site in your database based on the theme name, changing the theme name directly in the Layers stylesheet or changing the folder name directly or by accident (some zip programs double-pack the unzipped file into a folder based on the zip file name) will cause functions that specifically need to qualify the theme as being “layerswp” will stop working or its settings will be defaulted. Finally, when you activate some child themes, this way of referencing your settings means WordPress will create a new settings table for this new theme activation and you will need to reconfigure your customizer settings.


if you updated from 1.2 to 2+

  1. Edit the page and ensure it is set to the Layers Template and is Published.
  2. If you changed these settings, click Edit Your Page to check for content and continue if issues persist
  3. In the Page Editor, scroll to the very bottom to locate the Revisions box. Click the earliest revision and see if it contains widget content. You may need to use the slider to navigate between revisions. To restore the revision with your content, click RESTORE THIS REVISION then edit your page to check for content (it should be there now). See detailed steps
  4. Click SAVE & PUBLISH.

If this did not solve it, or your issue is not due to updating Layers, continue:

  1. Make sure Layers is up to date.
  2. Update all of your plugins. If you have premium plugins such as Layers Pro, DevKit or StoreKit, you must download fresh copies, deactivate them, delete them, then upload the new versions and activate them. This will not lose any settings, however Layers Pro 2 introduces many new controls to your widgets that should be double-checked

Sometimes plugins introduce scripts or functions that throw errors you can’t see that break the customizer or Layers template. Common culprits include Bootstrap Shortcodes, WP External Links, WP Subscribe or other plugins that attempt to modify the customizer or pull in dynamic content to your widgets.

  1. Go to Plugins and deactivate all plugins.
  2. Check your pages again. If the issue is resolved, you will need to test activating each plugin one at a time until you find the one that breaks the page content.
    The offending plugin will need to be replaced.
  1. Go to Appearance > Themes and see if you have a theme other than Layers active.
  2. If so, activate Layers, then check for your content.
  3. If this solved it, make sure your child theme has been updated for compatibility with Layers/ Layers Pro 2.

This is also true if you accidentally activated Layers after an update, but had previously built your site using a Child Theme. If so, ensure that Child Theme is active. Settings and widgets are stored in your database under the active theme name.

If the theme name is changed in the style.css, or Layers is not installed in a layerswp folder, several functions will break.

See How to Change Your Layers Folder Name the Right Way

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