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Layers 2.0.10 Update

Layers 2.0.10 Update

Removing the Envato Marketplace listings.

  • Fixed Image Ratio button in the Post widget
  • Removed redundant Envato Market listings


Ink Drop User Guide

Product Guides  Last Updated: Time to Read: 4 minutes

Ink Drop is a clean, minimal portfolio child theme, built to harness the power of Layers and Showcase. It offers modern visual appeal and simplicity, with the addition of Layers building widgets for even more layout control.


Below are links to helpful articles to get you going with this child theme. The setup order is important to ensure the content you need is present prior to diving into presets and page building.

  1. Install Layers
  2. Install Showcase
  3. Install Ink Drop
  4. Load Demo Content (download here)
  5. Create New Pages from your favorite Presets
  6. Customize

Your Child Theme is a collection of styles, presets and templates for the Layers theme framework, which is free to install. View the Layers Install Guide

This theme’s demo uses the Showcase extension for portfolio/project functionality and needs to be installed and configured first.

Install Showcase

Showcase is a Layers extension that adds additional Portfolio functionality to Layers.

  1. Go to PLUGINS  → ADD NEW
  3. BROWSE to the file and open it
  4. Click INSTALL
  5. Activate once the installation has finished

View the Showcase User Guide for detailed setup and usage instructions.

Recommended Plugins

Your theme can be used without any WordPress plugins, but is greatly enhanced both by extensions packaged with the theme, and a few select free plugins we use on the theme demo. The following steps are recommended if you do not have existing plugins to fill these roles or are setting up a new site.

  • Optional: On the Add New Plugin screen, search for Contact Form 7 and install and activate it. This is the most popular contact form plugin, used on the Contact page, and is easy to  configure.
Note: If you are not running the latest version of WordPress, please update under DASHBOARDUPDATES
  1. Login to your WordPress admin panel, go to APPEARANCE and click ADD NEW at the top
  2. Click the UPLOAD THEME button at the top
  3. Click the BROWSE button inside the center white box (Choose File on some browsers)and navigate to the location of your layers-concept-living-theme zip file.browse-themefile
  4. Select the file and click Open.
  5. Click INSTALL NOW to begin the installation.
  6. Wait for the success message, then click the Activate link.
  7. You will be directed to the  Getting Started screen.
  8. Wait before installing any page presets! You must install and configure plugins and demo content first to ensure products load! Proceed with the next section to setup your shop.

Layers themes use Presets instead of traditional demo content that you load via an XML, but we do provide this file if you do not have any existing Product content and want to rapidly setup Presets. You can find the Ink Drop Demo Content listed in your profile on the Layers website.

The XML will not setup widgets, customizer settings or plugins, it will only auto-load posts, products and images.

Some presets use the Showcase Project widget, which grab projects by ID. The widget content may appear blank if you do not use our demo file. You may need to configure the widgets with your own product post content, as IDs are unique to each WordPress install.

Finally, time for the fun part!

  2. Select a Ink Drop preset, such as Home and click SELECT
  3. You will be brought to the Edit Layout screen of the Customizer. Here you may proceed to edit the widget content by expanding each one
  4. For more detailed help with using Layers and Layers widgets, be sure to review the main user guides:

This section provides some recommended setups for your Customizer to help you mimic our demo. To begin, go to LAYERS → CUSTOMIZE

Site Settings

Logo & Title

Our demo uses a basic Site Title and Tagline with “Display Header Text” checked and a Logo Image uploaded.


You should create at least 3 menus:

  • Main Menu – Assign to the Header Menu location. Drop-downs are supported.
  • Social Menu – Assign to the Top-Right location. We recommend placing social links in this menu. This menu is intended to be a utility, no drop-downs are supported.
  • Useful Links Menu – Assign to the Footer location. We recommend adding social links, plus your Contact and About pages if you have them.
(Optional) Social

If you have installed Layers Pro, you can add social link icons and your profile URLs by using the Custom Link option in the Appearance/ Menu builder.

Save your customizer changes and return to the WordPress admin, then go to APPEARANCE → MENUS

Create a new menu called “Social” and assign to the Top-Right or Top-Left location.


Our demo uses the Logo Center Top layout with Sticky and Show Search enabled (available with Layers Pro).


Our demo has no Footer Columns. You can however set this to 1 – 4 columns. The widgets we recommend under the Footer panel in Edit Layout are:

  • Column 1: Text Widget
  • Column 2: Recent Posts (if you have a blog setup)
  • Column 3: Recent Comments (if you have a blog setup)

Ink Drop and Showcase are premium products with dedicated support offered through Layers Messenger. To enable the messenger, go to Layers –> Dashboard and check the box on the far right in the Messenger panel. Alternatively you can reach us via our support page on our site: Layers Support

Want full color customization, accordions, call to action bars and blog options? Check out Layers Pro!

Did you know?

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