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Layers 2.0.10 Update

Layers 2.0.10 Update

Removing the Envato Marketplace listings.

  • Fixed Image Ratio button in the Post widget
  • Removed redundant Envato Market listings


How to Update Layers Exensions

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Layers extensions are best updated manually unless the author has provided you with an auto-update plugin.

If you purchased your Layers Extension on CodeCanyon, ensure your email notifications are setup so you are emailed when a new version is uploaded. You may also subscribe to our Updates RSS feed here to get notified on updates of Layers products created by Obox.

If you have purchased an extension created by Obox (such as Layers Pro or StoreKit) , redeem your purchase code on to gain access to updates, special bundles and discounts, and dedicated support. You can view our list of products here.

To access updates from our site, login and click the Download button under the item you want to save the updated zip file to your desktop.

Help, I bought a child theme made by a different author that came with Layers Pro, how do I update?

A: You will need to contact the theme author to get an updated copy of Pro.

If you have purchased your extension from an independent website or author on CodeCanyon, check with the author for update info. Examples of independently authored extensions are:

Not sure? Visit the extension page on CodeCanyon and check the Author in the right-hand sidebar. Extensions authored by us will show Obox as the author.

Download a Fresh Copy

  • For Layers products on, login and click Download under the items in your Downloads tab to save the zip file to your desktop.
  • For 3rd party items on CodeCanyon, login and go to Dashboard, then click Download and choose Installable WordPress File Only and save the zip file to your desktop.

In most cases, updated plugins require WordPress and Layers to be at the latest, greatest version to take advantage of bug fixes and new features.

  1. Go to APPEARANCE → THEMES and activate the main Layers theme.
  2. Go to LAYERS → DASHBOARD and verify you have the Layers Updater Plugin installed. Refer toHow to Update Layers
  3. Go to DASHBOARDUPDATES from your main WordPress admin menu. If an update for Layers is available, you will see it listed in the Themes section. Apply any updates needed.

Extensions that do not have an auto-update feature need to be re-downloaded and reinstalled.

  1. Go to Plugins and locate the plugin to update
  2. Click Deactivate. This will not affect your content or settings.
  3. Click Delete and confirm deletion.
  4. Click on Add New and proceed to reinstall the plugin using the new plugin zip you downloaded above.

If you need to update outside of WordPress for any reason, you can do so by overwritin the child theme folder with the new one via FTP. Your host provides you with FTP file access to your webspace via a free program such as FileZilla, or through your hosting control panel. If this option sounds daunting, see the Reinstall method above.

For best results, deactivate the plugin before doing this.

  1. Download your updated extension file and unzip it to your desktop. You should have a single folder (ex. layers-pro-extension) containing a functions.php and includes folder.
  2. Connect to your site via FTP
  3. Browse to wp-content/plugins and locate the existing folder and delete it.
    • This is very important, as older versions may include files that are in use or have been removed, leading to issues when you attempt to activate the plugin again.
  4. Upload the extension’s  folder you unzipped in step 1 to the plugins folder
  5. You should be asked to confirm overwriting of this folder and its contents. Confirm the overwrite.


Did you know?

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