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Layers 2.0.10 Update

Layers 2.0.10 Update

Removing the Envato Marketplace listings.

  • Fixed Image Ratio button in the Post widget
  • Removed redundant Envato Market listings



How to Turn Off Comments or Reviews on Single Posts or Products

How To  Last Updated: Time to Read: 1 minute
  1. From the WordPress admin, click on the Posts link (or the link to the post type you want to edit)
  2. Hover over the post you want to disable comments for and click Quick Edit
  3. Uncheck Allow Comments on the right side and click Update (for WooCommerce, uncheck Allow Reviews)

To edit multiple posts at a time, check the box to the left of the post title and choose Edit from the Bulk Actions menu at the top of the index, then click Apply.

To disable comments for the whole site going forward, go to Settings > Discussion and  uncheck Allow people to post comments on new articles . You will still need to Bulk edit all existing posts and pages to disallow comments unless you have Layers Pro or the theme/plugin adding your custom post type has an option to disable comments.

To disable comments for all posts, but leave them enabled for other post types or Pages, Layers Pro adds a Comments on Posts visibility option under the Blog Posts & Pages panel in the Customizer.

Layers Extensions made by the Layers team which add a custom post type will always have a Comments visibility option in the plugin’s options panel in the Customizer.

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