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New Release! Layers 2.0

New Release! Layers 2.0

This update is used as the backbone for the release of Layers Pro 2.  Both Layers and Layers Pro must both be updated to 2.0 to be compatible with one another!

Layers 2


  • (Developers)All widgets now use accordions for accessing options for a cleaner UI
  • Framework preparation for Layers Pro 2.
  • Updated Web Sans font for better fallback.



Layers Pro 2


  • Added advanced background controls to each widget.
  • Added advanced header and excerpt controls to each widget.
  • Added advanced post column controls to Post and Post Carousel widgets.
  • Added content widget-style controls to Tab and Accordion widgets.
  • Added new Widget interface to all controls.
  • Added site-wide and widget-specific animations

How To Update Layers Pro

Learn WooCommerce!

Get started mastering WooCommerce with these helpful videos, courtesey of WooCommerce. To view optimal configuration settings for Layers sites, see WooCommerce & Layers Setup

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6: Checkout Settings

7: Product Categories, Tags & Attributes

8: Simple Products

9: Variable Products

10: Grouped Products

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The Layers StoreKit extension expands customization options for the WooCommerce catalog, and adds new product widgets and other goodies for building custom sales pages!

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