Layers Release 1.2.11


Last Updated: Time to Read: 2 minutes

Layers Pages now support customizer Revisions, which work similar to post revisions. An initial snapshot of your pages will be created, and then one new revision (up to 10) will be stored for each Save & Publish action in the customizer. Revision data is stored as both widget data and as simplified HTML page content.

Before running this update, ensure all Layers pages are Published and not open in the Customizer.

Marketplace is now much easier to browse and filter to find what you need

  • Post Widget will now have Pagination on by default and use a more familiar posts per page option
  • Selecting Overlay in the Post Widget Display option will now hide all the meta options it does not support
  • Moved plugin .js and .css files to ‘core/assets/plugins/’
  • Split admin.css into three separate files for easier management and distinction between dashboard, customizer and global css.
  • .nav-tabs  colors now more dynamic for better background color/image handling.
  • Custom Anchors will now load a named anchor link correctly for your single-scrolling pleasure
  • Google Analytics will no longer load when viewing your site in the Customizer
  • Fixed menu verticle alignment quirks in header-center layout.
  • Improved behavior of tabbed navigation in the Dashboard
  • Blog page pagination now works when this page template is set as a static home page
  • Content pasted into the RTE of the Layers Widgets should now wrap normally. Please still ensure your content is not bringing extra HTML with it when pasted (click the code button <> and remove extra &nbsp;  and HTML tags if needed)
  • Transparent Overlay containing background image now works.
  • Top/Right/Bottom/Left labels in design bar now correspond to the correct options – please check this in your custom widgets.
  • Fixed author <a href />  for Portuguese translations.
  • Full width rows no longer have an extra right margin
  • Shop page title should now behave normally when the Shop is set as a static homepage
  • Added an extra level of depth to the  get_custom_field_name()  functions.
  • Added the show-if-operator  functionality: == (defaults) or !=  or >=  or <=  or <  or >
  • Removed opacity: 0.x  settings and replaced with rgba  on .invert  classes.
  • .header-site nav-horizontal  link spacing (padding/margin) has been adjusted to cater for Layers Pro customization.
  • Removed width 100% from .media-body .


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