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Layers Release 1.6.5

Layers Release 1.6.5


  • WordPress 4.7 Update

Layers 1.6.5

  • Added Poppins Google Font.
  • Removed underlines from icons in preparation for WordPress 4.7.
  • Updated theme to utilize the new Additional CSS block in WordPress 4.7.


Layers Extension User Guides

If you have a Layers Extension created by the Layers team, you will find setup and usage tips below. For all other extensions, refer to the plugin author’s website for detailed help.

Help, my product isn't listed here!

If you purchased an extension created by someone other than the Layers team at Obox, you can use our general extension setup guide, or visit the product page where you originally purchased and check for support and documentation on the item listing. In most cases, a documentation PDF is included inside the zip file you downloaded.