Pages look wrong or menu links to blank page, wrong page etc

Troubleshooting  Last Updated: Time to Read: Less than a minute

As you are building your site, you might click on a link in one or your menus and the page does not look as expected, or is a blank page with no widgets and just a header and footer.

The most common cause is a bad link – WordPress assigns a permalink to each page you create automatically to ensure your pages are different, but the titles are sometimes the same. This can lead to the wrong page being linked in your menu or WooCommerce settings. Bad links happen when you duplicate pages or create multiple pages with the same title – they end up with slugs like home-1 home-2 or contact-us-2 and can be easily confused with a different version of the page.

  1. Delete duplicates and empty your trash
  2. Fix the slugs on your final pages
  3. Edit your menus to ensure the links go to the correct pages.

For detailed steps on verifying your pages and menus, see How to Verify Page Slugs & Delete Duplicates Safely