Layers Pro: Cannot Activate – Fatal error: Class ‘Layers_Form_Elements’ not found in layers-pro-extension

Troubleshooting  Last Updated: Time to Read: Less than a minute

This error occurs after installing and activating Layers Pro and will refer to a class like  Layers_Form_Elements in a file under the layers-pro-extension path on your server.

This is a version sync issue caused by having an old version of Layers, or an old version of Pro.

  1. Ensure Layers is updated
  2. Ensure Layers Pro is using the current version. If your zip is more than a few days old, re-download it just in case, then reinstall.
  3. For issues with Layers_Widget class, see Fatal Error: Class ‘Layers_Widget” not found in layers-pro-extension/widgets/post-carousel.php on line 14.