How to Customize Post Meta

How To  Tutorials  Last Updated: Layers ver. 1.5 Time to Read: Less than a minute

The Post Meta appears above or below posts and includes elements like the author, date, category link and tags.

In the Layers Post Widget, you can turn off single meta elements under the Display option in the Design Bar.

Layers Pro allows you to easily turn off single meta elements in the Blog and post archives under the Blog→ Archives →Styling panel in the Customizer.

The Post Meta on the archives can be filtered globally using layers_post_meta or replaced with custom code using layers_before_list_post_meta or layers_after_list_post_meta. Follow the links ot the hook reference to see how to change these in a child theme or extension.

If you simply want to change the look of the meta, following are a couple things you can do:

Put Meta on the Same Line

Added to the CSS panel in the customizer:

Remove Icons