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Layers 2.0.10 Update

Layers 2.0.10 Update

Removing the Envato Marketplace listings.

  • Fixed Image Ratio button in the Post widget
  • Removed redundant Envato Market listings


How to Change Your Layers Theme Folder Name the Right Way

How To  Troubleshooting  Last Updated: Time to Read: 2 minutes

If you have installed Layers via FTP you may have an issue with the folder name being incorrect, for example “layers-1-2-10 ” instead of “layerswp”. This will prevent the Layers updater from registering updates for Layers, and child themes and extensions dependent on Layers core, such as Layers Pro, will fail to activate or function properly. Worse, if you simply change the theme name from layerswp in your stylesheet, or change the folder without database updates, you may lose access to layouts, widget setups and customizer settings until the name is restored to the original state.

The below steps outline how you can change the folder name without losing any of your theme settings and widgets. This is an advanced tutorial and involves Database access (via Phpmyadmin or the like) and file access (via FTP).

If you are uncomfortable with attempting fixes that require direct database access, you may also solve this by backing up your widgets and reinstalling Layers via WordPress. Because WordPress stores customizer settings in your database via the theme name, this process will require you to reconfigure some things, but is safer and more user-friendly, as it alows you to switch back to your older Layers install any time to reference settings or export content.

Backups are essential anytime you plan to tinker with the database directly, or do something drastic like upgrade WordPress to a new major version. Most web hosts perform periodic backups of your site and databases, but we recommend using a plugin or service such as ManageWP to control these backups yourself. See How to Backup Content Widgets and Layouts for detailed options on how to backup everything or just the things you need.

Connect to your site via FTP or your hosting control panel and navigate to your site’s WordPress files root folder, then open wp-contentthemes

In that folder you will see your Layers folder, for example layers-1-2-10

Rename the folder to layerswp


Open your database management interface such as PHPMyAdmin.  If you do not know the URL, you can usually find these tools in your hosting control panel.

Expand your database in the left-hand menu and click on the ‘wp_options‘ table

On the right, click on the Browse tab or use the Search and look for option_name  LIKE  stylesheet  and template

Change the option_value  to layerswp

Search for the option_name LIKE theme_mods_layers-1-2-10

Change the option_value  to theme_mods_layerswp

You’re done, now you can visit your site without any data being lost or widgets being lost!

Did you know?

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