How to Change Blog or Archives to Show Full Post Content

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By default the Layers blog and archive post lists show a standard excerpted post. In WordPress template language, this means it uses the_excerpt() . WordPress Excerpts are generated automatically from the first 55 words of your post content OR are grabbed from the Excerpt field of your post. This is ideal for archives, and if you want to control your excerpt length or look, you should use the Excerpt field whenever possible.  Read more about Excerpts on

There are many cases where you may need your posts to show the full content, such as blogs where clicking through to single posts for commenting is not important, or where you need rich content to be visible such as additional images. Full-content posts may still be clipped at a specified point using the<!--more-->  tag in the post editor which can be further customized through custom functions to include a custom read more link or button.

Changing Excerpts to Content

Layers Pro adds advanced Blog and Post customization options that allow you to choose the length of your excerpts. Note that unless you have included the HTML to support formatting in the excerpt, multiple paragraphs will be grouped together.

You will need a basic child theme, or if you have one already, you will be adding a custom function to the functions.php

This method uses a filter in your child theme or extension functions  to replace the_excerpt()  with the content output and can be combined with conditions to only run on archives or specifically the blog template etc. See is_archive() and is_page_template().  This has advantages over copying entire templates.

The More tag output can be customized several ways, as outlined in this WordPress article Customizing Read More

Customizing Meta

See How to Customize Post Meta in Layers