Cannot Activate Child Theme or Extension – “Requires Layers”

Troubleshooting  Last Updated: Time to Read: Less than a minute

You try to activate a Layers Child Theme or Extension and get an error, or a notification that Layers is required

Layers is not installed on your site or the extension/theme is unable to find it.

  1. Ensure you are installing the correct theme or extension file. If you downloaded the package from ThemeForest/CodeCanyon, you must unzip the package download first to find the installation file. See How to Install Layers Extensions or How to Install Layers Child Themes
  2. Ensure Layers is visible under AppearanceThemes. If you are creating sites on a WordPress Multisite setup, you must network enable Layers or ensure it is enabled for each new site you create (Sites →Edit →Themes tab)
  3. Ensure the Layers folder name has not been changed. The folder must remain layerswp on your server, and layerswp in the Layers style.css. See How to Change the Layers Folder the Right Way for how to check and correct this.