Blog or Post Archive Sidebar Drops Below Content

Troubleshooting  Last Updated: Layers ver. 1.5.1 Time to Read: Less than a minute

When viewing the Blog page or a post category view, the sidebar drops below the content area.


This is caused either by incompatible spans being used in a custom template (ie span-9 and span-4 which exceeds the total of 12 possible columns) or you are using a child theme that has not been updated for compatibility with the new Grid in Layers 1.5.

This can also happen if you set a static page as the Posts List in Settings  → Reading. This option should be left blank or it replaces the template with a default WordPress loop that does not contain the correct grid wrapper.

Verify no static blog page is set

  1. Go to Settings → Reading
  2. Set the Posts Page to the blank/default option
  3. You can set a static Home page

See Site or layouts broken after updating to 1.5